Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects

With Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects we have one goal: to spread the collaborative DNA of Linux to new fields to enable innovation and access for all.

“The Linux Foundation looks well on its way to establishing itself as the honest broker for managing large-scale collaborative software projects.” - Computerworld
Companies such as Google, IBM, Intel, the New York Stock Exchange, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (QuIC), HP, Samsung, Cisco and others have relied on The Linux Foundation to host their collaborative software projects and provide the organizational, promotional and technical infrastructure needed to make those projects successful.
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From software defined networking to embedded Linux to middleware, our Collaborative Projects span the enterprise, mobile and embedded markets.

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Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects

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By collaborating together and tapping into the open source community, companies reduce costs and produce superior software more quickly.
The Linux Foundation provides the infrastructure so these projects can thrive.

With over 150 members

and reach to well over 1 million developers and users a month, The Linux Foundation is able to advocate our Collaborative Projects to companies and communities around the world.

There are two main criteria that must be met in order for the Linux Foundation to host a Collaborative Project:
  1. The use of open source governance best practices including license and contribution agreement choices in keeping with the ideals of Linux
  2. The project must have the potential to fuel innovation in an industry through collaborative software development

With ten years of experience managing open source projects and support services, The Linux Foundation can provide the back-office, technical infrastructure and legal framework to get your collaborative project off the ground quickly and efficiently.

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